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By November 25, 2019 General, Opinion, Spinning

Cycling has been a key part of many people’s fitness regime for years, and with good reason. Cycling Weekly published an article in May title ‘15 benefits of cycling: why cycling is good for weight loss, fitness, legs and mind’. While some of the points represent logistical and tongue-in-cheek considerations, the tone was clear. Jumping on a bike is good for you.

Sometimes the weather is awful or we don’t have the time to hit the roads. What to do then? Well, spinning classes provide a great solution and classes have evolved to cater for most tastes. So much so that it’s a basic requirement of most gyms and fitness studios to offer spinning classes. And following the theme of Cycling Weekly, Bicycling Magazine published their own Benefits of Spinning article highlighting why it’s so popular.

So what are the benefits? Firstly, anyone can do it. There is no need for experience on a bike and no specialist kit is required. Secondly, spinning improves cardiovascular fitness and muscle development, not only in the legs and core but also in the upper body with carefully crafted workouts. Spinning is low impact meaning you can exercise hard without hammering your joints; great for those coming back from an injury. Improved physical fitness also boosts our immune system, providing there is appropriate recovery time.

Finally, exercise to improve fitness results in marked improvements in mental health and cognitive functioning. Studies have repeatedly shown regular exercise enhances brain function and can delay cognitive decline. A nice review published in ‘Frontiers in Psychology’ by Mandolesi et al. can be found here.

Although spinning classes are de rigueur in most gyms, they often follow the tried and tested, and sometimes tiresome, formula. Instructor front and centre in a well-lit room with a generic ‘Work Out’ playlist idling along. We stand up, sit down, speed up, slow down with predictable regularity and with little credence payed to the music in the background.

The advent of boutique spin studios, particularly in London and the South East, has shown it needn’t be this way. Instructors build specific workouts and playlists to match. The music drives the sessions and keeps the cadence on the beat allowing participants to tap into the music and forget how hard they’re actually being pushed! The Huffington Post pulled the benefits of exercising to music together nicely in this blog.

CycleBeats York has its own take on this formula as York’s first boutique spin studio. Our signature ‘Beats!’ classes are designed by the cities best spinning instructors, feature new music and new routines each time with sound and lighting to match. The sessions are immersive, and except for the lactic acid, it’s easy to forget it’s a spinning class.

In the articles mentioned above, a key component to the appeal of cycling and spinning is accessibility. At CycleBeats York we value this principle above all. Our instructor-led spinning classes are for everyone and we offer performance and virtual classes that can be bespoke for each rider. For more information on our class types click here.

If you’re interested in seeing the benefits for yourself please go to our booking page to sign up for your first class.

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