CycleBeats is York’s first purpose-built, boutique spinning studio. We’ve over 10 years experience in the fitness and spinning industry, keeping up to date with current needs around health and fitness. Spinning classes form a core part of many people’s workout regimens, yet it needn’t be the routine 40 minutes session to generic ‘workout’ music.

The studio was established in early 2019 on York Business Park just outside Poppleton, in what is becoming a hub for health and fitness in York. Since our inception, CycleBeats’ following has steadily increased and the number of spinning classes we deliver each week is growing to cater to everyone’s schedule.

Our spinning classes are designed and delivered by York’s best instructors, drawing on their many years experience and pushing people to reach personal goals while retaining the enjoyment so often lost.

We understand everyone views fitness differently. For some it’s simply part of healthier, happier living. For others, it’s striving for personal improvement and to gain that competitive edge. At CycleBeats we’ll help you find that drive, enabling you to achieve more than you thought possible. Book your class here.