Lose yourself in the music and ride to the rhythm. Beats! spinning classes are put together by our experienced instructors with music to motivate you through the sprints and help keep the cadence as you recover.

The best group spinning class in York. Book your class here.


Do you want to push yourself like the pros?
Ever found yourself training but not really knowing what difference you’re making?

Powered by Spivi, CycleBeats’ Perform spinning classes track and measure your data making sure you in the right zone at the right time to drive your performance.

A ride for the technician and enthusiast alike!


Want to push yourself but not get too caught up in the technical details?

CycleBeats’ Virtual classes are powered by Spivi, completely adaptable and allow the rider to become immersed in a virtual world, complete with rolling hills and scenic views.

Choose a soundtrack or put your headphones in, these rides are tailored to you. If it takes your fancy, record your stats and track your progress from ride to ride.