Looking to exercise your entire body in a single work out? Look no further than Fun Fit.

Fun Fit combines cardio-resistance training and light weights to exercise your upper and lower body in one 50 minute workout.

The exercise routine involves a spin bike and a mini circuit – body-weight training, light weight training and modern fitness circuit equipment e.g. resistance bands, battle ropes, medicine and slam balls.

Fun Fit is perfect for ABSOLUTELY ANYONE, with various weight options on each station and adjustable resistance on each bike you can participate fully whilst exercising at a level that suits you.

The class is designed to work every muscle group in your body and elevate your heart-rate giving you a real fitness boost.

Our fantastic instructors talk you through the exercise routine, giving tips on technique as well as that all important MOTIVATION to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your workout.

And if that’s not enough, the music is pretty cool too.

“PS”   Complementary blue tooth heart-rate monitor straps are available for every class if you want to pair them with  your watch or device.

One Credit

£ 6

Valid for 2 weeks

Three Credits

£ 15

Valid for 6 weeks

Five Credits

£ 20

Valid for 12 weeks