Reshape is a 40 minute exercise class that will sculpt and ‘re-shape’ your body.

Designed to develop speed, strength and fitness, Reshape will change the way you train. Each class incorporates an array of modern training techniques:

  • Cardio training using CycleBeats’ spin bikes, boxing pads and rowers
  • Resistance exercises using kettle bells, TRX, medicine and slam balls, farmers walks, barbells and light weights

This class a must for those who are looking to get fitter and leaner while still having fun.

Reshape is suitable for all levels of ability and experience. Our fantastic instructors will guide you through every step, so, why not join us at York RI Sport Club, Acomb.

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One Credit

£ 6

Valid for 2 weeks

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Three Credits

£ 15

Valid for 6 weeks

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Five Credits

£ 20

Valid for 12 weeks

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